Moving Too Fast to Keep Up.

25 06 2009
I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately. What with attempting to reinvent Advertising at IAPIA and helping America reinvent General Motors at Smart, my dance card has been fully punched this week. Overlay that with the mother of all cold bugs and the stewardship of laying down new rosewood floors on the entire ground floor and you have life at the speed of chaos.

Then in the middle of all of this, my partner Angela Glenn kicks in with “Look, you’re either on Twitter or your not.” Uh boy. I didn’t like the sound of that the minute I heard it. Reluctantly I responded in the affirmative. Within 24 hours her forces at Gasp had had established Twitter feeds for IAPIA, Smart, HarryWebber and WeOwnGM. And AG had fully developed “Twitegies” (as opposed to strategies) for each feed. Now all I have to do is write five 140 character gems every day on top of all of the other flotsam and jetsam associated with being moi. Will I even be able to keep up? Which leads neatly into the question of the day. Will I even be able to keep up with the work load if I can’t keep up with the technology that is supposed to help me keep up with the pack?

I have more than too many friends who have overly concerned themselves with making sure they had the latest upgrades and plugins and digital feeds at work and then somehow also seeing to it that their systems at home were equally well provided for. Then comes the pink slip. Now they are back to working on CS2 and discovering the joys of being of “reverse incompatible.”

And now, “keeping up” is so much more involved. Not only are there the latest hardware and software upgrades, but now we have to keep up with the stuff going on in the cloud. Then there are the “best practices” associated with all of this stuff. Now that I understand how Twitter works, I have to understand how to work Twitter. And all of those other little do-dads like Feed Burner and NewsGator and Shrook and god knows what comes next. Who are these people who have time for all of this intake?

But it’s my job, not just to keep up, but to stay out in front of the curve. And, as complexity multiplies exponentially from minute to minute, it becomes harder and harder to know where the curve is. Or the bleeding edge. Or the pack. So I do what every other pundit or soothsayer or so-called visionary does. I give it my best guess.

And that’s not even the hard part. The hard part is realizing all of the stuff you will never understand (like action script and CSS) and realizing that your ability to become self sufficient in a digital world is becoming less and less practical. Html4 will completely nullify my ability to build my own websites with Dreamweaver as ActionScript has crushed my ability to work in Flash. Who has time to run a business and learn a programming language? As self sufficiency goes down your cost of business goes up. That’s why God created the small legion of IAPIA vampires and night-stalkers that volunteer their time and talents to take up the technoslack.
So now I “sketch” in Dreamweaver and test for architecture and usability, knowing full well I will soon need the skills of a PhP or Drupal programmer. Our recently launched is a working “sketch” of what we hope it to be. But we all know it will never hold muster with its hybrid html/wordpress architecture. But at least we can test it for functionality.

Alas, I’ve taken entirely too long for this writing task. Angela just sent me her editorial corrections on the content for the new website. And she’s tapping her toe for this drivel to be done so I can get back to generating more tweets for her new Twitter empire. Which is why you’re getting this rag on Wednesday night instead of Wednesday morning.



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