Are the influences that influence the influencers of modern mass and individual culture.
What is this influence made of? Are we talking melodies or lyrics, chapters or words, pictures or motion pictures, comments or tags, quotes or conversations, codes or languages? Where does this inspiration come from? Are we talking business or pleasure, music or entertainment, books or blogs, movies or movie clips, videos or video web, sitcoms or webisodes, television or telecomm? And who are influencers? Are they musicians, writers, movie stars, business people, artists, athletes, composers, journalists, programmers or just someone who lives next door or miles away? Are they you or are you them?
Somewhere in that matrix of messages and bits and scraps of genius and crap lies inspiration. The genesis of something new. Or the recollection of something old. Or the unique combination of something old and something new to create something timeless. Don’t try to make sense of it. By the time you figure it out, it will all ready be out. Just stop by from time to time to see what and who may be up next. What inspires you forever is EverWhat. Don’t miss the inspiring Talk on EverWhat.


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