Kicking And Screaming Into Web 2.0

10 09 2008

I never liked the word “blog.” it always sounded like something you coughed up in the midst of a God-awful viral infection. Blog always brought to mind the color and consistency of something one might expectorate. Ugh! And then El B smart-mouthed herself into my world by answering a post I had started on the ad industry “Facebook”, AdGabber on “The Future of Advertising Fading Into The Past“.

Innocently enough, the post that started out as a rant on the lack of anything substantive coming out of all of the hubbub started by P&G’s CEO A.G. Lafley claiming that the marketing business model was broken. Well El B was the first to reply with:

Attraction – There is no affection without attraction. Don’t look available, look attractive.

Affection – We all need love and care, now more than ever. Show me some love and I might return. Affection solves the accessibility problem.

Attention – Short attention span. Yet there is always something that catches our attention. Once you get attention, you get awareness.

Affordability – Money does matter.”

And it was on. I responded with, ” Very zen-like. It took me a few minutes to gage whether you were serious or pulling my leg. Then I discovered a certain worldly outlook that indicated the wisdom of your post.”

From there the posts flew hot and heavy, turning into what one AdGabber termed a “Soap Opera” between “Doña Ana” who El B had fashioned as a single New York career woman who represented all of those in the advertising audience and her paramour of the moment, the infamous playboy diplomat “Don Porfirio Rubirosa” portrayed by yours, truly representing the clueless egos of Traditional Advertising.

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IAPIA on MadisonAveNew

8 09 2008

Now we have a more interactive and pro-active work space for Bringing The Future Into The Present, it would be interesting to put it to work. Look to this space each week for the latest developments in NeoAdvertising. For more Information please visit IAPIA2 on MadisonAveNew. Or go to